Engine Spare Parts

Weichai engines are known for their exceptional build design. Best-in-class, our engines offer the ultimate quality and reliability. However, engines are susceptible to wear and tear like any other mechanical equipment.

To enjoy an unhindered performance, it is imperative that genuine engine spare parts by Weichai are used to replace any damaged part. At Weichai, we offer elaborate after-sales services including original parts. Manufactured using the highest quality technology and designed to fit the engines perfectly, these parts are tested to have assured maximum life.

Original Spare Parts: Extending Engine Lifespan

Readily available counterfeit parts often reduce the efficiency levels of the engines to a great extent. Additionally, such parts tend to wear out faster, demanding frequent repairs and replacements, thereby adding costs in the long run.

Original spare parts stand important since they are specifically designed and manufactured to meet the same standards and specifications as the original parts. Genuine engine spare parts are tested and certified to meet the same performance and safety standards of Weichai. This assures that the engines are likely to operate as intended—without compromising their functionality or reliability.

Assured Performance with Genuine Engine Spare Parts

Weichai engines are designed using superior-quality natural products and engineering. Together combined, marine, diesel, and gas engines by Weichai are designed to yield exceptional performance.

Manufacturers like Weichai, recommend checking engines and their parts during maintenance sessions and finding any probable effect of saltwater on marine engines, dust, and heat in on-highway and off-highway engines.

Since Weichai produces original engine spare parts, the spare parts come with the assurance of meeting the same performance and quality standards. Choosing genuine engine spare parts can minimize the risk of performance compromise, improper fitting, frequent replacements, and potential safety hazards.


Subassemblies, components & parts which
perfectly match with every engine


Customized kits to suit your operating pattern.
Kits available from 1000 Hrs, 2000 Hrs to 5000 Hrs


Genuine parts, prepared in one kit to complete top
& major overhaul, available for all models


Engine oil and coolant specially formulated
to achieve optimum performance, longer drain
intervals & maximize engine life


Protect your Weichai Engines with Authorized Services provided through our trained & skilled professionals.

Warranty Support

Every engine is provided with a standard warranty. We assure best-in-class support, including parts & expertise, for committed time.

Service Support Documents

Engine support documents such as installation guidelines, operation manuals, parts catalogues, warranty policy are available for download. Please register the details of your engine with us to download documents.

Locate Nearest Service Providers

Our service support is available at your nearest location. Please register with us to find service points or service providers.


Our after-sales solutions are designed to fulfil your needs of Weichai Engine operation, maintenance & overhauling.

Extended Warranty Coverage

By understanding your warranty coverage needs, we have customized solutions ranging from 3-5 years

Project-based Service Contract

We have products to take care of your service requirements including parts, consumables & service manpower

Annual Maintenance Contract

Solution for your limited service needs to attend service & breakdown calls with
pre-defined terms and conditions

Operation & Maintenance Contract

Team of expert Engineers will be in your plant premises to take care of the operation & maintenance of Weichai engines with
pre-defined terms and conditions

Build, Operate & Transfer Project

Taking care of your power plant from installation, commissioning, operation & maintenance for a time frame as per your requirement

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