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Expanding Marine Engine Life with Regular Servicing
Jun 23, 2023

From the smallest pleasure boats to the largest crude carriers, all marine vessels are powered by marine engines. There is no doubt that these machines are designed to be extremely powerful and reliable to be able to propel massive structures. However, since marine engines perform in adverse environmental conditions (when compared to engines on land), […]

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Spare Parts: The Key to Prolonging Your Engine’s Life
Jun 21, 2023

What would you do if your car’s door needed a replacement? Would you go to a branded place or somewhere cheap? It is likely that you will choose to go to the branded place because of the trust factor associated with it. The same goes for engines! Engines are the heart of any vehicle which […]

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Understanding the Key Differences between BS IV and BS VI Engine
Jun 09, 2023

The early pandemic period was a testament to the lower pollution levels across the country. It painted a ‘clear’ picture of the impact vehicular emissions have on the environment. But that’s not new information. The ill effects of vehicular emissions were evident as early as the 1990s. So, what is new in the latest BS […]

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Power Construction Sites Efficiency with Weichai’s Dump Truck Engine
Jun 03, 2023

“Time is money” the proverb goes well with any construction or worksite. In any construction site, time is of utmost importance. Whether it’s carrying out tasks like digging and excavating, or efficiently transporting materials, such sites demand the timely execution of various activities. Perhaps one of the most important jobs is played by dump trucks, […]

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Tips for Keeping Your Dump Truck Engine Running Smoothly
Apr 25, 2023

From loose materials like gravel, sand, and dirt to concrete scrap, dump trucks are responsible for the transportation of materials in a construction site. Powering these heavy-duty materials are highly robust and efficient engines with high torque and power output.  A dump truck engine functions for prolonged periods, in harsh environmental conditions. With time, the […]

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The Role of Marine Commercial Engines in Shipping and Transportation Industries
Apr 21, 2023

A crucial segment of the global economy is the marine industry. It is responsible for carrying trade around the world. According to sources, the shipping industry alone takes 80% of the global trade volume and 70% of the trade value. Naturally, marine commercial engines play a critical role in the shipping and transportation industries by […]

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