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Weichai offers compact and reliable diesel engines for construction & road machinery (Loaders, Motor Graders, Pavers, Compactors,Truck Crane, and Excavators), Mining (Dump Trucks) & Agriculture (Tractor & Harvester). Weichai engines are fully authority Electronic controlled and with high torque capability in their size. These engines are available with a wide range from 40 hp to 800 hp. The engines are known for their best power-to-weight ratio complying with the latest emission norms. The engines are CEV/TREM Stage IV certified.

Weichai engines are best-in-class in fuel economy and their extended maintenance intervals enae the lower total cost of ownership. Weichai has the unique advantage of offering a complete Powertrain (Transmission, Axle & Hydraulics) along with Engines for the construction and mining segment.

Weichai diesel engines for Construction, Road Machinery & Mining - WEICHAI INDIA

Construction, Road Machinery& Mining

Weichai offers the whole series of engines for construction machinery, with the displacement ranging from 2.3L to 17L and the power ranging from 36.8kW to 566kW. These engines meet the latest emission standard as required by off-highway vehicles/machinery. Weichai diesel engines are equipped with electronically controlled high-pressure common rail, with power ranging from 36.8kW to 566kW, and are applicable to loaders, excavators, bulldozers, forklifts, cranes, rollers, graders, small multi-purpose machinery, aerial work platforms, sanitation equipment, wide-body dump trucks, large road building machinery, etc.

Construction Road Machinery Mining
Weichai diesel engines for Agriculture - WEICHAI INDIA


Agricultural equipment like tractors and harvesters require a compact engine with a maximum power-to-weight ratio. Weichai diesel engines are known for compactness, lightweight & maximum power. These diesel engines are available in the power ranging from 48 hp to 530hp and are indigenously manufactured in a smart manufacturing facility in Pune, India. The engines boast of continued innovation backed by 70 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing of engines as required for agricultural machinery.

The engines have a modular design and are equipped with a BOSCH electronically controlled high-pressure common rail system. It is characterised by good reliability, power performance, economy, and comfort, and is widely used by major manufacturers of agricultural machinery all over the world.


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