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The world-renowned Shaanxi Hande Axles Co Ltd. with plants in Xi’an and Baoji with a manufacturing facility of 320,000 square meters covers a range of heavy & medium duty truck axles, motor drive axles, construction vehicle axles, bus axles with a capacity of 800,000 axles per annum. The segment includes 4.2T-25T steering front axles, 10T-45T hub reduction axles, 6T-13T single reduction axles, 7.5T-23T steering front drive axles, 3T-13T motor drive axles.

The footprints extend to the international market including Europe, Asia and North America to name a few. Hande has also embarked upon license manufacturing in the international market including India. Hande is one of the few who are specialized in axles for heavy duty applications.

There are over 1000 truck service stations, 35 mining stations (wide body vehicle) and 45 bus service stations spreading across the globe, providing comprehensive and efficient service to our esteemed clientele.



Specification DATA
Axles for 120T Wheel Crane-First 50T Wheel Crane Tandem Axle 10T Man Hub eduction Axle
Rated Load 10000 2×13000 2×10000
Distance between from surface(mm) 2820 2031 1810
Pin hole centre distance(mm)
Spring centre distance(mm) 1145 1145 990
Toe-in (mm) 0-3mm
Kingpin Inclination (°)
Kingpin caster angle (°)
Camber Angle(°)
Kingpin centre distance(mm) 2055
Ladder base angle 75°
Hydro-pneumatic suspension centre distance (mm) 2003 mm
Upper/lower torque rod bracket centre distance (mm) 1200 (upper) / 1000 (lower)
Section Size(mm) 150x130x16
Driven Gear ref circle dia(mm)
Flange(mm) Φ180(ISO8667-180) Φ180(ISO8667-180)
Max input speed(rpm)
Max input torque(Nm) 19620(FR)/13730(RR) 12750(FR)/6870(RR)
Max Output Torque (Nm)
Transmission Ratio 5.73 5.92
Brake Size(mm) Φ410×180 Φ420×185 Φ410×160
Brake Chamber Size (in ) 24″/24″ 24″/24″ 24″/24″
Max steering angle
Brake Torque (Nm) 40000 29400 36000
Axle Weight(kg) Hub Piloting, wheel bolt 10-M22x1.5, Ref circle dia Φ335 Hub Piloting, wheel bolt 10-M22x1.5, Ref circle dia Φ335 Hub Piloting, wheel bolt 10-M22x1.5, Ref circle dia Φ335

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