Revving Up Your Business with Extraordinary Diesel Engines
Mar 13, 2023

Engines are the driving force behind the biggest industries. Trade around the world heavily relies on engines to carry out several on-highway and off-highway tasks. However, the increasing fuel prices are making businesses rethink their fuel choice for automotive solutions. And hence, engines running on diesel have gained momentum among businesses that deal with heavy-duty […]

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Get The Finest Craftsmanship in Diesel and Gas Engines from Weichai India
Feb 17, 2023

Engine is the heart of any heavy duty equipment as efficient engines often leads to more productivity, fuel efficiency, accuracy, reliability, lesser maintenance cost and saves time and boosts monetary savings in the long run. Based on the fuel type, the engine market can be segmented into diesel, petrol and gas. Among these, diesel engine […]

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Weichai Group launches the world first engine with highest brake thermal efficiency.
Jul 05, 2022

On November 20, 2022, Weichai released the world’s first commercial diesel engine with base engine’s thermal efficiency of 52.28% and natural gas engine with base engine’s thermal efficiency of 54.16%.

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