Revving Up Your Business with Extraordinary Diesel Engines

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Engines are the driving force behind the biggest industries. Trade around the world heavily relies on engines to carry out several on-highway and off-highway tasks. However, the increasing fuel prices are making businesses rethink their fuel choice for automotive solutions. And hence, engines running on diesel have gained momentum among businesses that deal with heavy-duty activities.

A diesel engine by Weichai India is designed with accuracy and precision to be compatible with both on-highway and off-highway applications. As the largest manufacturer of engines globally, we offer engines exclusively suited for intensive marine applications. Highly efficient, exceptionally reliable, and powered by the latest in innovation, these engines can rev up your business – taking it to newer heights.

Benefits and Advantages of Diesel Engines by Weichai

  • Best-in-class fuel efficiency that lowers costs

Diesel-run engines are designed to have a higher compression ratio than gasoline engines. The fuel-air mixture is compressed more before ignition, which makes combustion a much faster process in these engines.

Unlike gasoline, diesel burns at a slower rate, which further makes these engines fuel-efficient. Plus, they produce more energy than gasoline engines on the same amount of fuel—reducing wastage and saving fuel costs.

  • Seamless integration of technology to monitor engine health

Engines by Weichai are full-authority electronic control engines. This means they provide built-in diagnostics and alerts that promptly identify and address any issues, thus improving safety and reducing maintenance costs for the end users.

Our engines are also equipped with ECU (Electronic Control Unit) with telematics readiness for RPMS (Remote Performance Monitoring System). This enables remote monitoring of engine performance and condition, improving reliability.

  • Outstanding power-to-weight ratio for enhanced durability

As a business owner, you look for engines that are not only efficient but also have a longer lifespan even under intense application. And that is what these engines are designed for! Designed to suit extreme-duty cycles, diesel-run engines by Weichai are best suited to carry out rigorous tasks in extreme conditions.

The incredible power-to-weight ratio of these engines fuels the fully-loaded public buses to heavy-duty cranes and bulldozers. The robust design with proven quality, reliability, and durability reduces downtime, thereby increasing efficiency in your business.

  • Extended maintenance intervals that reduce ownership costs

Both diesel and gasoline engines require maintenance from time to time. Yet, you will spend much lower time and money on maintenance sessions with our diesel-run engines. With the simple build design and excellent capability of functioning in harsh conditions, these engines do not require frequent upkeeps.

Additionally, engines running on diesel have a slower operating speed that produces less wear and tear. Also, they do not have spark plugs, which further reduces the need for replacement and repairs. Diesel engines typically require less frequent oil changes than gasoline engines, as diesel is a lubricant.

  • Mounted with After Treatment system to cut down emissions

Engines manufactured by Weichai are designed while conforming to emission standards. With the aim to contribute to a cleaner future, our engines are mounted with after-treatment systems that filter the fuel exhausts. Besides, these mechanisms are integrated while ensuring a compact layout.

What We Offer

Manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Pune, Weichai engines rank at the top in terms of quality, durability, and reliability. Available in a range of models, on-highway and off-highway engines running on diesel range from 40 hp to 800 hp. In addition, we also have a premium range of marine propulsion engines that are powered by diesel.

Coupled with superior quality physical and mechanical properties, engines by Weichai India also conform to the latest emission standards. The engines undergo a series of stringent tests and checks to make them at par with industry standards and provide ultimate value for your business.


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