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Engine is the heart of any heavy duty equipment as efficient engines often leads to more productivity, fuel efficiency, accuracy, reliability, lesser maintenance cost and saves time and boosts monetary savings in the long run.

Based on the fuel type, the engine market can be segmented into diesel, petrol and gas. Among these, diesel engine segment followed by the gas engine segment garners the largest market share and is expected to maintain dominance owing to their low operational cost, high demand from commercial and industrial segments coupled with the easy availability of diesel in India. In fact, according to 6Wresearch, Indian diesel engine market size is projected to grow at a CAGR of 4.9 percent during 2018-2023. The key industries that use diesel engines are on-road (automotive), power generation, marine, off-road (agriculture, construction), mining and industrial application. In addition to the above, the presence of reputed power generation engine manufacturers in India like Weichai India is further expected to give a boost to the growth of both the gas and diesel engine industry in the country.

Types of Weichai engine based on applications

Marine applications

Highly reliable, durable, fuel-efficient, lightweight and with an ability to operate in the most difficult conditions for very long durations, Weichai’s diesel engines are suitable for all kinds of marine applications. Made in India for India and having an ergonomic and robust design to support efficient performance, Weichai’s marine engine are IMO Tier II norms certified diesel engines. The product range varies from 54 hp to 1650 hp along with a suitable gear box. Weichai offers marine propulsion engine, auxiliary engine, marine gensets and marine gearbox for both fishing as well as commercial vessels. Talking about Weichai’s commercial marine engine, then its power and torque characteristics, as well as peripheral aggregates such as cooling system, oil sump, air cleaner etc., are specifically designed to easily handle the varying demands of the commercial segment.

On-highway applications

Weichai offers a wide range of gas and diesel engines that are used in city buses, school buses, mini buses, commercial vehicles (heavy-duty tractors, middle-duty trucks, and light-duty trucks and off-road trucks) and high-end MPVs. On-road engines are complying current emission norms (BS-VI_OBD I) and ready to comply upcoming emission norms (BS-VI_OBD II) which will be applicable from April 1, 2023). These engines are characterised by their high reliability, power, fuel saving capacity and green emission. With the displacement ranging from 2.3L to 12L and the power ranging from 88kW to 338kW, Weichai’s bus engines meet the latest emission standards. Weichai also offers bus engines that make use of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquid Natural Gas (LNG). As for truck diesel engines, Weichai engine come with power ranging from 70kW to 426kW. The high-pressure common rail system (HPCRS) as available on the engines offers higher fuel economy.

Off-highway applications

Weichai also offers compact and reliable diesel engines for construction and road machinery (Loaders, Motor Graders, Pavers, Compactors, Truck Crane, and Excavators), mining (Dump Trucks) and agriculture (Tractor & Harvester). These engines are fully electronically controlled and come with high torque capability in their size. These engines are available in a wide range from 40 hp to 800 hp and are known for their best power-to-weight ratio complying with the latest emission norms.

Off-road engines are CEV/TREM stage IV, V certified. Weichai offers a complete Powertrain (Transmission, Axle & Hydraulics) along with engines for the construction and mining segment. Weichai offers a whole series of engines with the displacement ranging from 2.3L to 17L and power ranging from 36.8kW to 566kW. As for the agriculture segment, Weichai offers indigenously manufactured diesel engines having power ranging from 48 hp to 530hp.

Weichai India on the go!

The engine is a key power source for any heavy-duty marine, on-highway or off-highway commercial equipment. Hence, today a major focus is on developing cutting-edge engines that are highly efficient. While there are many companies in the segment, Weichai India is one the best ones to offer state-of-the-art diesel and gas engines catering to a variety of segments as discussed above. So, if your company is looking to get the finest craftsmanship in the engine segment, then Weichai India can be your best bet!


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